6 Aug 91 16:00:12 GMT

In quella data Sir Tim Berners-Lee scriveva questo messaggio su alt.hypertext.

Alcuni passaggi:

The project started with the philosophy that much academic information should be freely available to anyone. It aims to allow information sharing within internationally dispersed teams, and the dissemination of information by support groups.

e ancora:

The WWW model gets over the frustrating incompatibilities of data format between suppliers and reader by allowing negotiation of format between a smart browser and a smart server. This should provide a basis for extension into multimedia, and allow those who share application standards to make full use of them across the web.

Questa è la filosofia che ha dato vita al web, alle home page personali il cui url conteneva un carattere ~, a Geocities, Yahoo!, Google, ai blog, ai forum, a Facebook e Twitter…

Internet e il web sono nati per condividere le informazioni e per fare in modo che l’intero sia maggiore della somma delle parti.

Thank you Sir Tim Berners-Lee.